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Grinding technology

Optimum surface finish, first-class precision

Grinding technology

Optimum surface characteristics, first class precision and designed for companies in highly varying sectors. Precision processing in the form of face grinding allows Condor® Custom Solutions to routinely achieve high surface quality and exceptional dimensional and positional tolerances. The company’s own precision face grinding machines are used for face grinding on innumerable workpieces for further processing, for example blanks for the medical sector. In addition to dimensional accuracy, face grinding offers the advantage that it is even possible to process extremely hard materials.

Within our machining process, face grinding is the next logical step after milling and turning.

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Advantages of surface grinding

Excess material is removed during this fine and final machining (grinding) process. This guarantees precise dimensional accuracy and shape, as well as optimum surface qualities. Our face grinding machines fulfill these high requirements for precision all by themselves. To prevent this, our well trained, skilled personnel perform face grinding processes with diligence and experience. This allows us to guarantee particularly efficient and professional grinding, to ensure you obtain the results you require.

  • CNC control ensures maximum accuracy during face grinding
  • Further processing of the workpieces is simple after face grinding
  • Our personnel possesses immense experience and knowhow
  • Face grinding is possible on all common materials
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Our face grinding machines ensure that workpieces can be ground to perfection in one plane. We can process workpieces up to a maximum size of 1000×800 mm. Minimum cutting depths as well as high cutting speeds are possible to ensure 100% perfect results. Simultaneously face grinding is possible on virtually all materials: On tempered steel, stainless steel and hard metals as well as ceramics. Products to be further processed are sent on for wire eroding or directly to surface treatment.

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