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Precise manufacturing and quality assurance

Complete processing

Precision technology continuously presents new challenges for our customers in terms of precise production and quality control. Complete machining using precision technology provides a suitable solution for companies in various branches to achieve high volume production using reliable processes for complex components with high requirements for quality assurance.

Regardless of whether it is wire eroding, milling, forming technology, bending, hardening, turning or the entire scope of surface technology.

Condor® Custom Solutions develops products with precision technology in all of its service categories from material procurement to production and final assembly – with one single contact partner.

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Advantages for complete machining of precision technology

The highly convincing work results from our precision technology are the consequence of our own, extensive specialization in cooperation with our substantial network of long term partners in various sectors, ensuring that the name Condor®Custom Solutions stands for optimum and precise quality “made in Germany“.

  • Maximum quality assurance, minimum refinishing work
  • High-volume production of simple as well as complex components
  • Comprehensive project processing with one contract partner
  • Consulting and cooperative elaboration of solutions

Condor® Custom Solutions offers a wide range of services for precision technology from one source, thus guaranteeing maximum flexibility and reliability.
Condor® uses its technological potential in precision technology with commitment and solution competence for each individual assignment.

The customer sets the parameters, Condor® Custom Solutions supplies the solutions. This close contact allows us to develop continuously and expand our offer.
We join our customers’ requirements with our many years of knowhow to develop solutions to meet your demands.
Our wide range of precision technology makes it possible for us to produce precision workpieces with simple as well as complex geometries.

Further services

assembly of components

In our machine park you receive detailed
Information on procedures used and machine lists.