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Customised solution concepts

Customised solution and production concepts

If desired CONDOR® Custom Solutions supervises the entire project development process, providing the foundation for custom-fit design. It is often necessary to meet numerous, varying or even contradictory requirements. We develop the optimum solution from the specific conglomerate requirements.

From the idea to the product

Our design department is distinguished by its many years of experience, innovation and flexibility. With our 3D CAD program, we can quickly convert your solid edge ideas into models. Within a very short time after placing an order, our customers receive a 3D model and the first prototype shortly thereafter.

The results of the work are always “up to date”: State-of-the-art technology, import and export of all common data formats and regular advanced training for employees guarantee current standards. Close cooperation between the designers and those responsible in production ensures maximum design speed and quality.

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Further services

assembly of components

In our machine park you receive detailed
Information on procedures used and machine lists.