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Medical Technology

Precision instruments and accessories for med. operations

Medical Technology

Development of the next innovation for medical technology will take place within our wide range of services. For our partner company Condor® MedTec, we design and produce precision medical instruments, as well as accessories for medical operations, always pursuing the challenge of realizing a potential innovation for medical technology. The principle objective: Facilitating the work of the surgeon and medical personnel. Because the surgeon’s day-to-day work is changing increasingly, demands from patients and personnel are becoming greater, resulting in our customers developing medical ideas, which we then implement. These solutions take into account the current challenges and are distinguished as cross-sectoral innovations in medical technology. Regardless of which innovations medical technology requires – we can realize them.

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Innovation in medical technology

Instead of products, we want to develop something new from ideas – that is the stimulus forming the focus on medical precision – in every respect, regardless of the type of product. For our customers we develop concrete solutions for challenges of all types using state-of-the-art technology and knowhow for all imaginable medical disciplines.

  • During development and production we focus on precision, stability and reliability
  • In use, our precision instruments provide additional possibilities during operations, ensuring better OP results

Solutions as innovation

Medical technology combines many individual areas from care to therapy and rehabilitation. Based on engineering knowledge as well as the analysis of the status quo, we turn our customers' ideas into reality. In doing so, we want to provide answers to the question:

How can we make existing things better?

Not only technical requirements are taken into account, but also the benefits for the people who actively use the instruments, devices or machines. In this way, we simply create added value from every innovation in medical technology.

Further services

assembly of components

In our machine park you receive detailed
Information on procedures used and machine lists.