Surface technology

CONDOR® Custom Solutions rounds off its optimum processing of individual workpieces with custom-adapted methods for surface treatment. Whether barrel finishing technology, microblasting technology or surface finishing - we give your workpieces the final polish and offer consistent, reproducible, top-level finishing quality and precision.


Tumble Grinding/Barrel Finishing

Our services also include tumble grinding or barrel finishing. This process guarantees perfect edge finish in our tumbling machine. The calculated interaction of water, stone (abrasive particles) and an additive solution guarantees perfectly rounded edges. This process also smooths surfaces and removes scale, ensuring perfect results and distinguishing the finish in terms of appearance.


Shot blasting

We achieve a matt finish using microblasting technology. The use of glass beads with grain size of 40 to 70 µm allows us to modify the surface texture and properties.


Surface finish

We grind and polish surfaces to a smooth, bright finish - during the final finishing operations CONDOR® Custom Solutions does everything possible to ensure brilliant results.


Anodizing Aluminum

When untreated aluminum is exposed to weather or oxygen, it frequently corrodes. This forms an unattractive and functionally negative layer of oxidation, which can have a decisive influence on the service life of the material. For this reason; we offer aluminum anodizing within the scope of our surface treatments, allowing you to maintain the consistent quality of your products as well as open up additional possibilities.

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