With its wire eroding services Condor® Custom Solutions offers precision right down to micro-detail. Wire eroding, also known as wire cutting, has always been one of our core competencies. Every single workpiece is distinguished by its exceptional quality, based on our team’s comprehensive knowhow as well as the possibilities offered by our state-of-the-art machinery with first class wire eroding machines from Mitsubishi Electric.



Condor® Custom Solutions offers reliable wire eroding at the highest level, maximum dimensional accuracy and finest surfaces on conductive materials – regardless of their hardness.

This is not dictated by any specifications. Extremely low cutting widths do not pose any problems during wire eroding, even with pronounced material thicknesses. Thanks to our state-of-the-art wire eroding machines, we are capable of satisfying all of our customer’s requirements for wire eroding. Beyond that our customers profit from low waiting times and the parts’ high resistance to wear. This is our quality and service commitment, which we always keep – to ensure a positive effect on your work. We want to improve things, to make you better.

Advantage of wire eroding

  • Low waiting times
  • Materials of all thicknesses can be processed even with minimum cutting widths
  • Wire erosion is possible with virtually all contours thanks to starting hole drills as well as professional wire eroding machines.
  • Highest quality dimensional accuracy and precise wire erosion for every workpiece

Comprehensive equipment

Our wire eroding services are supplemented by our starting hole drills. All these machines are state-of-the-art. This means we have always kept pace with the times and are capable of offering custom or universal solutions for many current challenges in wire eroding. The flexible configuration possibilities of the machines makes it possible for Condor® Custom Solutions to develop virtually all contours using wire eroding, regardless of whether a workpiece is simple or complex – it can be realized quickly and economically. After wire eroding, the contours have sharp edges, are burr-free and always satisfy the highest demands on dimensional accuracy and perfection – regardless of the shape or workpiece.


In our machine park you receive detailed
Information on procedures used and machine lists.