Milling technology

Qualified milling technology from Condor® Custom Solutions is available to all branches – medical products are our specialty. Orders are handled reliably and punctually and, leading to work results featuring maximum precision, quality and perfection. In the face of continuously increasing customer requirements, milling technology has developed into a high-tech field of application with varying possibilities for utilization. Our 5-axis milling machines with CNC control can handle any assignment.


State-of-the-art technology

With this development, Condor® Custom Solutions keeps pace with the times. The fact that milling technology has established itself successfully as one of the newer services in our portfolio is reflected by our machinery in combination with its state-of-the-art CAD/CAM software TopSolid. The equipment includes a DMG – DMU 65 monoBLOCK® 5-axis milling machine with swiveling table. The advantages of 5-axis milling machines have already been recognized by many companies.

Our 5-axis milling machine offers the following features:

  • Maximum travel paths for milling in the x/y/z directions:      650x650x560 mm
  • Maximum speed of 18.000 rpm along the axes
  • Swivel angle on the axes from -120° to +120° (Heidenhain 530i.)
  • Workpieces weighing up to 600 kg can be machined.

5-axis milling machine

As the name indicates, a 5-axis milling machine allows a workpiece to be moved along five axes simultaneously under CNC control. The allows production of particularly complex milled products, whereby milling with a 5-axis milling machine is particularly suitable for precision technology. Because a 5-axis milling machine permits precise production of workpieces with guaranteed reliability while CNC control promises consistent quality. Simultaneously it saves time, because the workpieces require a minimum of repositioning. This minimizes errors and reduces cycle times (by up to 20 percent).

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